Learn how Europartners and Brose have built a successful business alliance based on empathy, trust, and quality service.

We are proud to have established a thriving partnership with Brose, one of the most important suppliers to the automotive sector worldwide. The automotive sector is one of the most dynamic and competitive in the world, and its logistics requires efficient, fast, and reliable solutions to meet its demands.

Quentin Margain, Sales Director of Europartners, spoke to the blog about the evolution of this alliance to a partnership in the field of sport, highlighting the key elements that have made the collaboration between both companies a success.

The partnership between Europartners and Brose flourished little by little, fostering increased trust and confidence at every step.  “We began our relationship with Brose providing expedited solutions, based on attention to the urgent needs of their plants in Mexico,” tells Quentin.

Values that strengthen a relationship as partners

Although Brose is a modern and dynamic company that values the use of digital platforms to quote premium cargo, it has recognized the importance of having a personal relationship with its suppliers.

In this sense, Quentin emphasizes that both companies share values, such as empathy towards the urgencies and risks that automotive companies must deal with.

“The relationship of trust and transparency that Europartners has achieved with Brose professionals has been the result of empathy and understanding of specific needs,” says Quentin.

A logistics provider must feel empathy for every move that automotive customers experience because as a result:

  1. We have the confidence to be proactive in finding alternative solutions.
  2. We run tailored services, after they choose one of our options.
  3. They know that we are there for them until the urgency is resolved.

“We are an island of safety for these customers, to support them and keep their production on day,” says Quentin.

The next step in our commercial alliance: sponsoring Brose Bamberg Basketball

Basketball is a sport that requires agility, precision, teamwork, and passion. These are some of the qualities shared by Europartners and Brose, now also through the Brose Bamberg Basketball team, from Germany.

Quentin explains that “Brose does not invite anyone to be their sponsor, because they take great care of their image. So, I think the fact that they have invited us means ‘You have been there for us and now we want to open the doors to connect beyond logistics, from a sponsorship’.”.

The alliance between Europartners and Brose is now not only based on a successful business relationship, but also on an affinity of values that both companies share with basketball, such as:

To talk about how our commercial alliance with Brose shares values between logistics and basketball, we listed a few over pictures of players: Both in basketball and in logistics, everything happens very fast. Both must move with skill and coordination to score or defend.	Ability to react instantly; any mistake can change the outcome of the game, and everything can happen until the last second. Teamwork is essential for both logistics and basketball to ensure a friendly and cordial atmosphere among the participants, with great respect and fair play. 	Both logistics and basketball are played with passion, with dedication, with emotion, with the desire to succeed and have fun.

Today, the partnership between Europartners, Brose Automotive and Brose Bamberg Basketball not only benefits both companies, but also sport and society.

It is an example of how empathy, trust and transparency can be the key elements to build a successful business relationship.

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